Monthly mother and daughter gatherings designed to support natural, whole and authentic feminine expression in our girls and ourselves.

Weaving together circle, education, nature awareness, community and ceremony.

I believe I am not alone in wanting to foster a place where our young girls can be held with good eldership to discover the truth of who they are and live with a sense of belonging.

A place where we can honour the thresholds in all of our lives with consciousness and awareness.
A place where our girls can come to understand the ebb and flow of their cycles and rhythms learning to listen to themselves, their inner voices, their truth and guidance.
A place where it is possible to heal patterns of separation in our communities and with nature.


As our girls approach their initiation into womanhood, how can we best hold and nourish them and ourselves at this transitional time? How can we foster the knowing in our daughters that it is magnificent and good to be a woman and fully live that in our own lives?

In all earth based traditional cultures, girls and boys were held through their initiations by elders as they grew up. Our culture has mostly lost this soul based practice which orientated and channeled life force in a healthy way and enabled young people to have positive and life affirming experiences as they transitioned into young adulthood.
How can we once again claim our potential to hold this space for the young people in our lives?

This process is about finding our own ways to support our young girls that are meaningful and appropriate for them. It is about tending to ourselves as women so we can bring more resources and self-awareness to our lives and to our children. This is about recognising and honouring the feminine journey as it is expressed through them and in us.

As we embody being true to ourselves and welcoming our own stories more fully, we nourish acceptance and trust in their unique journeys. We are all part of a culture that has aspects that may worry us concerning the pressures on young women at this time. By working with being authentic in ourselves and comfortable with all of who we are, our children absorb a healthy sense of what being a woman is about. This is something they can integrate and source their lives from.

As we bring more awareness to the wounds and stories of our youth we lessen the likelihood that painful things will be energised in us as our children mature. Our wounds can be our openings for healing. When we are held with love in those wounded places we have an experience which means we can hold something for our children because we have been held. This supports the healing of intergenerational wounds which may have been passed down for many generations. In a supportive environment, we can explore how to stay attentive to the unconscious and often powerful forces that can impact on what we pass down to our children.

We will examine our own transitions and our rites of passage as women.
How were we met at the gates of our births, our first bleeding, our childbirths?
How have these experiences influenced us, and the patterns that play out in our lives?
How might these stories block or stand in the way of our ability to support our daughters in their own process of transitioning into women?
How can we know ourselves more deeply and understand how our wounds have served us?

We will educate ourselves about the menstrual cycle as a path to self-mastery and knowledge, so we can bring that gift to our children.

We will learn about the value of the menopausal transition for a woman. It represents a profound opportunity to heal what needs to be healed and step into eldership, power and self-expression.

We will delve into what it is to truly experience our capacity for pleasure and sensuality and what stands in our way.

Carefully pitched the gatherings will offer time for mothers and daughters to be together. There will also be parts of the day that are working in separate groups, allowing different needs to be tended yet cultivating a rich shared experience. We will often have a theme to do with reclaiming feminine power through reconnection with the women's mysteries. They will provide teaching and opportunities for self- exploration and personal reflection. Sometimes there may be questions to consider and pre-reading offered for each session.
A comprehensive and totally optional reading list will flesh out the topics covered, creating a broad overview of some aspects of Women's wisdom.
These circles will be facilitated by myself, Jill, and Samsara Tanner.

During the summer of 2018 there will be a 4 day camp for mothers and daughters to be on the land and deepen into our shared experience. It will be a celebration of their unique gifts and blossoming. During this weekend, we will sit together in circle. In gentle and age appropriate ways, we will explore the cycles of life and the wisdom of these phases using art and stories. We will honour the girls as they transition through middle childhood. The girls will be offered drum journeys to support them to go within. They will have the opportunity to participate in circles and other activities that allow them to engage with the women's mysteries in the way that feels right for them.
A sense of community, fun, sharing food, fire, music and celebration will form an important part of this weekend.

Arising from this lodge there will also be the opportunity to create a weekend gathering for the mothers only during which there will be more spaciousness to explore and drop our daily responsibilities than we have time for in the monthly circle. Through ritual work and time together in the group the intention is to create the possibility for each of us to begin to discover at depth what our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual hungers actually are. We will explore what may block us from our capacity to listen to and be able to recognise our deepest hungers. Once we are able to do that and find ways of nurturing our own capacity to feed ourselves well, we will hopefully find ourselves more fully resourced to give to others from a place of abundance rather one of deficit. This weekend will also offer the opportunity to listen to the stories of our own bodies and all we have had to hold. We will be witnessed and honoured in our unique journeys as women.
This will be co- facilitated by Tatiana Shuttleworth (time2relate), experienced women's facilitator, grandmother and psychotherapist specialising in intergenerational wounding.

We offer the lodge with deep respect and acknowledgement of the wisdom and experience we each carry. The gatherings are held within the paradigm that we are all teachers and students and that we all have so much to share with our youth.

The teachings are about finding ways back to our own authentic knowing of ourselves, giving us resources to tend to our wounds and celebrate one another. Together we create a supportive, honest and loving place of encouragement to explore, feel held, and grow. Since the dawn of time women have facilitated transformation for each other. As we build healthy community, this allows a strong circle to be available to our young women if they wish to lean into it.

Throughout drumming, song, meditation and abundant tea and cake will hold our time together. We will acknowledge the seasonal earth celebrations as a part of our circle time.

These sessions are primarily aimed at mothers and guardians of 8 - to 13-year-olds and their daughters. However, all women who wish to explore the themes outlined are welcome to partake and you know your girl best. If you feel this is for you we can discuss whether this is the right thing for you and your daughter. Growing a healthy and diverse community that our girls can lean into if they choose is a big part of this initiative.

14th October
4th November
9th December

29 Rushlake Road, BN1 9AE

The cost of each day is £25 - £30.

The group is currently open to all but we will explore closing the group in early 2018.
Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

One to one support is available from me, with Shadow Work, drum journeying, or body work and acupuncture through my practice for all participants at a 20% reduction for the hourly fee.


For me, the mother's circles Jill holds were powerful and beautiful. I loved the way Jill held the space with love, integrity, openness and assurance. Whatever came up I felt in safe caring hands. I found the processes potent and offering deep healing.
The Mother and Daughter weekend was a joy from start to finish.
My daughter LOVED it. She loved being in a community of women, singing and sharing and playing and having time to simply be together. It was a rare treasure for me to have one to one time with my daughter and so nourishing for our relationship. It was also such a valued gift to feel so looked after by Jill, fed delicious and nutritious food, to be held with care and have time to be with my daughter and my friends without any need to do any work or any obligation.
My deepest gratitude (Dawn, participant 2016).

Working with Jill and Tatiana has been a profoundly healing experience. Their combined wisdom, experience, intuition and deep listening enabled me to step into a beautifully held healing space in which it was safe to access deep levels of wounding. Through their holding of that container I was able to be vulnerable and honest and from that place to connect with what I most needed to heal. Not only was I able to access that which needed healing but through their guidance and use of simple ceremony to release it. The work I have done with Jill and Tatiana has greatly supported my healing journey. (Penny, 2016)

I feel so blessed to be part of the supported circle for mothers welcoming their daughters over the threshold of womanhood. It has been an enriching and powerful journey and has brought a lot of healing into our lives for which I am deeply grateful. Jill is a skilled and dedicated facilitator, bringing so much of her passion for personal growth and healing into what she offers. I would enthusiastically encourage other mothers and daughters to get involved with this rites of passage course. It is invaluable work." (Riga)
I loved the 'rites of passage camp' and can't wait to go again. I felt so connected there in the community of mothers & daughters, as we talked about the different stages of growing up, and our bodies. Thanks again Jill x x x(Anoushka aged 10)

Wow what a weekend. It was life changing. I will never forget it. Neither will Lily. She loved it.  Its up there on the list of best ever things I've done. Lily and I loved sharing the whole experience with you. I feel as if I connected with parts of myself I had left behind and I feel so much more present now. Thank you all for being so brave and honest and real.
I'm amazed at how important it is just to be present when parenting. I can see my and Lilys relationship blossom even now after just a few days.
Thanks so so much. Feeling rebooted in my relationship with Mimi and in myself- thank you thank you! What a wonderful experience to be in a space of such openness and honesty. Thank you all for giving Mimi a wonderful boost in her confidence and a newfound pride in her femininity!! 
Thanks so much everyone for an amazing time. It felt like we were able to delve deep, be open and honest and share the collective wounded feminine with compassion and acceptance, celebrate our daughters with joy and insight and be nourished in body and soul. All in 3 days!! Life changing emotional rollercoaster of a retreat! Still processing it.


To be Human
is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
What urgency calls you to your one love?
What shape awaits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?

(David Whyte)