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Wow what a weekend. It was life changing. I will never forget it. Neither will Lily. She loved it.  Its up there on the list of best ever things ive done. Lily and I loved sharing the whole experience with you. I feel as if I connected with parts of myself I had left behind and I feel so much more present now. Thank you all for being so brave and honest and real.
I'm amazed at how important it is just to be present when parenting. I can see my and Lilys relationship blossom even now after just a few days.

Thanks so so much. Feeling rebooted in my relationship with Mimi and in myself- thank you thank you! What a wonderful experience to be in a space of such openness and honesty. Thank you all for giving Mimi a wonderful boost in her confidence and a newfound pride in her femininity!! 

Thanks so much everyone for an amazing time. It felt like we were able to delve deep, be open and honest and share the collective wounded feminine with compassion and acceptance, celebrate our daughters with joy and insight and be nourished in body and soul. All in 3 days!! Life changing emotional rollercoaster of a retreat! Still processing it.

I had the privilege of having the warm, generous and highly skilled Jill Kettle as my doula for the birth of my son Theo.
As a first time mother, Jill’s wise and thorough preparation for my natural homebirth was invaluable. She gave me the confidence to trust my body, trust my decisions and allow a magical, intuitive and joyful birth to unfold. Jill also guided my partner and I through the emotional journey of pregnancy and birth, gently encouraging us to explore our fears and personal history so we could embrace the experience from a place of grounded awareness.
 During labour (which took us all by surprise by starting the night before my due date!) Jill was a calm yet dynamic companion, tuning into to my precise needs and energy levels. Jill supported me through all manner of physical positions (she is very strong!) and somehow knew exactly what to suggest at the right time. Jill’s expert knowledge of non-western medicine, diet and massage also helped me through post-partum recovery, giving me the best possible start to parenthood.  I would thoroughly recommend Jill to any expectant mother who wishes to engage with the birthing experience from an informed and empowered position. (Philippa, 2016)
I did one session of shadow work with Jill over two days. She is a deeply sensitive, kind and gentle person and I quickly felt safe to explain intimate parts of my history. I have been receiving talking therapy for about nine years and various body therapies including cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture and shiatsu. However I continue to experience bouts of chronic depression. These leave me bed bound, suicidal and unable to take care of myself including simple things like washing and feeding myself.
Since I worked with Jill I have experienced a period of depression however it was radically different to what I have experienced before. The first thing was that, at about two and a half months, it was by far the shortest period of time I have ever gone under. In addition I was able to take care of myself so much better and even when my partner was away for ten days and I was alone, I did manage to cook a decent meal every day.
Most significantly i knew that I was very ill, I knew that the depression was not my fault, and I knew that it would pass. I had relatively few self hating thoughts and no suicidal ones. It is quite difficult to put into words the extent of the progress and difference in relation to past periods of depression - the difference was HUGE!! It is now late autumn and I have some mild depressed symptoms, but I have been able to avoid spiralling down for about six weeks now, the first time this has been possible. The work I did with Jill has been life changing.

"Working with Jill and Tatiana has been a profoundly healing experience. Their combined wisdom, experience, intuition and deep listening enabled me to step into a beautifully held healing space in which it was safe to access deep levels of wounding. Through their holding of that container I was able to be vulnerable and honest and from that place to connect with what I most needed to heal. Not only was I able to access that which needed healing but through their guidance and use of simple ceremony to release it. The work I have done with Jill and Tatiana has greated supported my healing journey". (Penny, 2016)

I am shaken but full of joy at the depth of insight and the baby steps towards healing that I made over the weekend. I am deeply grateful to Jill and Tatiana for holding us - and all of you for witnessing and being so open.
"I loved the 'rites of passage camp' and can't wait to go again. I felt so connected there in the community of mothers & daughters, as we talked about the different stages of growing up, and our bodies. Thanks again Jill x x x" (Anoushka aged 10)

"I feel so blessed to be part of the supported circle for mothers welcoming their daughters over the threshold of womanhood. It has been an enriching and powerful journey and has brought a lot of healing into our lives for which I am deeply grateful. Jill is a skilled and dedicated facilitator, bringing so much of her passion for personal growth and healing into what she offers. I would enthusiastically encourage other mothers and daughters to get involved with this rites of passage course. It is invaluable work." (Riga)

My drum is waiting and drying in a draughty cupboard in my office about a metre away from me - it has ivy around it as it was made under the ivy moon.  not many days now, I am so excited.  I loved that the day was spiritual and relaxed with deep, moving ceremony especially to start.  The first drumming resonated with my soul and moved me to tears.  It is amazing that I now have my own drum and fabulous that you are organising a drum circle and workshop to follow on with.  The whole day was gorgeous - physically and timely spacious - it was lovely to have a snooze in the yurt - with plenty of yummy food to share.  Your and Jono's expertise and physical strength in the final stages of tying the drum were invaluable, I could not have done it on my own.  I would recommend drum birthing to everyone - it is not just a practical workshop but a deep awakening of tribal resonance.

Jill gave us the confidence to have the birth that we wanted. Because of her, I had the most wonderful experience at home giving birth to our son Elijah.
The one thing that stood out for me was the way in which she helped deliver Elijah. Jill used a variety of techniques, such as Rebozo scarf technique, and she knew when to use the birthing pool. She made sure everyone was well fed and watered and even held me in a supportive embrace when I actually gave birth. She offered a serene sense of wisdom and love at all times during the birth. There were some complications and the midwife would have routinely sent us to hospital, but thanks to Jill we were able to have the profound birth experience that we had hoped for.
She really respected what I wanted, in particular that I didn’t want to have any examinations during the labour. Jill knew my rights and stood up for me, telling the midwife ‘this is what Sarah wants’, and the midwife really listened to her.
Jill continues to be a good friend post-birth and is a wonderful ambassador for her profession.
Non-intrusive, Jill felt like an old friend; from start to finish, before and after the birth.

Sarah and Will, Mumma and Dadda to Elijah

When I fell pregnant the second time I knew that I had to ask Jill to be our doula again. I felt so safe with her there the first time around that I couldn’t imagine giving birth without her there again.
Although the second birth was a lot more relaxed Jill was amazingly supportive throughout. As my first labour started 2 weeks after the due date my husband and I were thoroughly shocked when I started going into labour the morning after the due date of our second child. We called Jill fairly soon after we realised I was actually in labour and she arrived, what seemed like, almost right away.
I had been ill with a bad flu for about a week before I went into labour so was feeling very exhausted and overwhelmed the morning I went into labour. My eldest also had come down with the same flu that morning and had a fever. My labour really slowed down while my Mum was getting my son’s things together to take him out for the day. I began to wonder whether I had experienced false labour and that perhaps we had called Jill for no reason. I voiced my concerns to Jill; she reassured me that there was no pressure and that the baby would come when he was ready. I began to calm down. Jill used the rebozo scarf technique on me to reposition the baby and advised my husband and I to go to bed for a rest and a cuddle. It was the best thing that she could have done as after about 30-45 mins of snuggling and sleeping (my husband) my labour kicked into high gear.
I had been having quite a bit of pain in my hips during my third trimester which could have been SPD I suppose however it was never diagnosed. However it became quite painful in labour and prevented me from moving, Jill gave me an absolutely amazing massage on my lower back and around my hip area and it really helped to alleviate the pain so that I was able to move more easily.
The labour progressed very quickly, so quickly in fact that it became clear we weren’t going to have the water birth we had planned for. It also became clear that the Midwife wasn’t going to arrive in time for the birth. After a fleeting thought that I couldn’t push the baby out without the Midwife there Jill assured me that she was there for me. I was able to put complete trust in her as she delivered our beautiful, healthy boy – Arthur.

Thank you again, Jill for being an amazing doula a loving friend and such a peaceful spirit.

Sarah, Will, Elijah and baby Arthur x x

I met Jill when I was pregnant with my first son, and I took her pregnancy yoga classes. She is a wonderful teacher and you can tell immediately what a caring and gentle person she is. Despite high hopes for a natural home birth, due to complications I ended up having a somewhat traumatic birth in hospital, and I spent the following years mourning for the labour and birth I'd originally hoped for. When I became pregnant for the second time, I knew I wanted to hire a doula and try again for a home water birth, and as chance would have it, got back in touch with Jill, who was now trained as a doula. She helped me to think positively throughout the pregnancy, and get over the fear of another hospitalisation and the memories of my first labour. My husband and I felt confident that she would be the perfect match for us, and would be there to support both me and my husband through the birth. She lent us a birthing pool and could not have been more accommodating in helping us prepare for labour.

When I went into labour I called Jill immediately. She brought a calming presence with her and gently helped me through each contraction, using massage and pressure and comforting words. She even got in the pool with me at one point, and helped support me when I was feeling exhausted, and suggested different labouring positions to increase the efficiency of the contractions. She was a fabulous intermediary with the midwives too. I was nervous because I had not had a great experience with one of the midwives at my first birth (though this time they were absolutely great), and Jill made sure they knew my wishes and respected them, and at no time did I feel pressured or hurried. She was a fantastic support for my husband too, and kept him informed with each step of the way, as well as reassuring him that everything would be fine. He was also anxious because of our previous experience, so having Jill there as a friendly and knowledgeable companion was so valuable to him.

Though my labour mostly went smoothly, as the baby was being born, he suffered a shoulder dystocia and was stuck for some time while the midwives tried to help him out. After this difficulty he needed resuscitating and we had to transfer to hospital. Obviously this was all horrendously worrying and stressful but Jill was with us all the way. She was there to help explain the situation (as she had experienced similar situations before) and give opinions on treatments and options. She even went and bought us some nourishing lunch! After a week in intensive care, our baby boy was able to come home, 100% healthy and well. Jill provided after-birth support and friendship, as well as organising for my placenta to be encapsulated and recommending a cranial osteopath.

I cannot thank Jill enough, and don't want to imagine how I would have coped with the labour and the events afterwards if she had not been there. She is a very special, soulful person and has so many holistic talents that she is able to adapt her services to suit anyone. Though midwives obviously do an incredible job, their main focus has to be the baby and the practicalities of the situation, so the labouring woman (and her partner) often don't receive the emotional support and explanations that they perhaps need. That's where having a doula is so wonderful, and I would recommend Jill to everyone who wants to experience an empowering and beautiful birth.

Jo and Joe

Jill was such a blessing to us all before, during and after the birth.

I felt so well supported on every level.

Before the birth Jill helped me with clarifying exactly what I did and didnt want for Caelens birth and helped with writing a birth plan. Also she helped me to prepare practically for his birth.

During labour I felt she was a total support to me and was totally in tune with my need for space for most of his birthing. During the last part of labour when Caelen got a bit stuck(!) Jill helped me with some reposaie(Spelling?!) which helped him to move in to a better position for birthing.
Also I felt her sense of faith in me and encouragement gave me the courage to continue birthing my baby at home when there was some unnecessary pressure to go into hospital. If I had succumbed to that pressure then there was a strong possibilty that Caelen would have begun his time out(!)in such a stressful way as going in to hospital would have likely meant a venthouse
I am so grateful that I had Jill's support which meant he was born naturally and peacefully at home.

I would dearly recommend having Jill as your doula, she is so heart-centered and helpful on every level and each stage of bringing your baby in.

anna, mummy of caelen,born dec 09.

Jill Kettle was an amazing support for myself and my husband before, during and after the birth of our beautiful daughter Mea Maeve. My birth was everything I hoped for. Jill was a calm and strong presence, quietly observing and there at my side any moment I needed. She supported me physically and emotionally and took the pressure off my husband so that he could concentrate his energies on me throughout.
I have no doubt that having a doula enable me the best possible chance of having the natural water birth I wished for. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Jill during one of the most profound experiences of my life.
Hazel Maddox

'Gill was amazing during our birth. She was by my side when I needed her - literally holding me up on one side, with my partner on the other at the pushing stage! - and then elsewhere in the house when my partner and I wanted privacy. Because of her experience as a mother, a doula, and a woman, I felt supported and understood by her in a way that was different from what my partner could give me. And I needed that female wisdom and connection.

After the birth Gill made us sandwiches and drinks, she took all our towels home and washed them, and visited us twice in the coming days. She was our first and only visitor for days and the only person I wanted to see!

Having Gill around before the birth was also, for me, exactly what a woman should have and what the NHS midwives do not provide - time, listening, information, exploration. This was really helpful for me in preparation for the birth and helped me let go of fear. I am one of the few women I know who did not have any pain and struggles with breastfeeding, and I am sure this is because of the preparation I had done with Gill. I hadnt got such clear and simple advice from anywhere else and I am so grateful that this made breastfeeding natural and easy for me.

I would not want to give birth without a doula now, knowing how supportive and needed what they bring is, and how different it is from what a health care professional might provide. Gill was warm and empathic, and in those days leading up to the birth, and at the birth itself I felt she had become like a deep friend to me and my baby. I can't recommend her enough.' lel.

Our heartfelt and warmest thankyou s for your amazing support during a long and difficult labor. You were a wonderfully warm and loving presence in our home who provided so much guidance and strength that went beyond our expectations.
Ambreen and David.

I just wanted to say a very big thankyou for being our doula. My pregnancy and birth was a truly amazing, wonderful experience, even more so that I ve now had time to reflect on it. India s birth has helped me to heal the wounds that were left by my traumatic first experience and opened a new door in my life. The whole experience has shown me what can be achieved if we have understanding, acceptance and a willingness to try and be open. I have new found confidence to try and face the challenges in my life. So thankyou for all you have given me and my family in helping us on this journey.

I first met Jill when I attended her weekly pregnancy yoga class and was impressed with her generous nature and that the class involved birth preparation tips and techniques as well as yoga. I tried a few different yoga teachers but Jill was the one I felt safest with – which is so important when you are growing a precious baby inside you. Her classes were about tuning in with your baby and your body and gave me the confidence to practice yoga at home.
When I reached the final month of my pregnancy, I decided to have a couple of personal sessions with Jill at my house. These sessions were invaluable in helping me relax when I felt heavy, lethargic and often quite emotional. By taking this time I felt like I was truly nurturing myself and preparing myself for birth. Jill’s gentle methods made me feel I was doing extremely well as she combined yoga, massage and birth techniques.
I had an amazing birth experience; at home using a water pool with no pain relief using hypnobirthing, EFT and the techniques that Jill taught me. I remember spiralling in the pool at one point and thinking how glad I was that I had strong hips that I’d spent a few months opening up through yoga practice. I would whole heartedly recommend Jill as a yoga teacher and doula, her generous nature means that you get a lot more than what you pay for and feel totally supported throughout each session. kate.
 I have taken part in Jill’s yoga classes over the last couple of years and have found the experience both physically and spiritually enriching. I began during a difficult pregnancy through which I suffered Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, a painful pelvis problem related to pregnancy. Jill’s teachings gave me both the physical and mental strength to cope and left me feeling peaceful and in-touch with my baby. After birth I continued classes with my newborn! It was fantastic to be able to carry on developing my understanding of yogic practice. I would recommend Jill’s methods to anyone at any level. She is very talented at helping you develop at your own pace. Since taking part in these classes I have found a dramatic improvement in my flexibility and strength and general wellbeing. I look forward to taking this time out from a busy working schedule. Laura

I started practicing yoga with Jill in 2008, and have found the experience very
rewarding. Jill is a very approachable and knowledgable yoga and acupuncture
practitioner. Despite my hectic work commitments, Jill has provided me with a
superb and informative one to one yoga sessions. The sessions have served as a
gentle introduction to a blend of Hatha and Scaravelli style yoga. Jill ensures that
each session is always slightly different in content, with guidance focused on
yoga poses, breathing exercises and movement. Since my practice with Jill
started I am feeling more flexible and in tune with my body.
Thankyou. Matt

To be Human
is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
What urgency calls you to your one love?
What shape awaits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?

(David Whyte)