Rites of passage facilitation.

I believe that honouring our rites of passage is an essential part of remembering and regenerating healthy culture and community. My interest in this work grew through working as a doula, and recognising the powerful opportunity for healing, rebirth and transformation that the birth of a baby offers a woman and her family.

Birth is just one such portal. Puberty, marriage, breakdowns, menopause, children leaving and the death of parents or loved ones are other life transitions that offer a powerful energy and momentum for growth. How we acknowledge and hold these times of personal initiation has a big impact on how they can be integrated in a life affirming and valuable way. The powerful energy can be harnessed, for learning, growth and healing. How we are met at the threshold of our womanhood and manhood has an influence on how we see ourselves as men and women. It can set a pattern that plays out in our adult hood. We may find ourselves revisiting painful dynamics again and again based on our early experiences. Working in a conscious way with thresholds can offer a special opportunity to release ourselves from life denying patterns.

From the perspective of supporting our children, how can we best stay awake and attentive to the often very powerful and unconscious forces that can have such a huge impact on what we pass down through the generations? What might block or stand in the way of our ability to support our children in their own process of transitioning into who they may truly be as people in the world today?

Many of our rites of passage are happening whether we acknowledge them or not. As we honour them and work consciously with them we can harness the energy for personal and social healing in a positive, life enriching way.

I am happy to work with creating ceremony to mark the rites of passage in your life in a way that is relevant and meaningful for you.

These are some of the rituals that I could support to create.

- Blessing ways for pregnancy.

- Ceremony for burying the placenta.

- Ceremony to welcome your infant into the community.

- Developing a beautiful rite of passage ceremony to welcome your daughter to her womanhood.

- Ceremonies for women to mark transitions such as menopause.

- Honouring miscarriage.

- Honouring the decision to terminate a pregnancy.

£40 per hour, concessions available on request. Please contact me to discuss your needs.
To be Human
is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
What urgency calls you to your one love?
What shape awaits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?

(David Whyte)