Drum Birthing

A day-long ceremony during which you will be guided through making your drum with care and with love. Your intentions for your drum and for your life are held with respect and encouragement. I teach as I have been taught, with reverence for our guides, teachers and ancestors, dedicating our work to our personal healing and for all our relations. We call forth support from spirit to oversee us. We explore how to listen to the hides of the deer and the wood of the hoops for the medicine they bring us.

I invite reflection upon what arises within ourselves and the environment during the course of the process, as it is all useful information that we can use to develop and deepen awareness of our own stories and how we do the creation process in our lives. This often has a relationship with our own birth stories. I encourage and guide enquiry into this theme for self healing and growth. There is time for circle and reflection as part of the drum birthing days. There is no pressure to participate in anything that does not resonate with you.

The days foster a sense of community and I run regular drum circles to gather after birthing your drum to connect with other drummers. Please see the events page for forthcoming dates for birthing days and drum circles.

Price £180 including all materials, deerskin and ash hoops and delicious vegetarian lunch and dinner. Please see the events page for forthcoming dates. You can book with me here.
My drum is waiting and drying in a draughty cupboard in my office about a metre away from me it has ivy around it as it was made under the ivy moon. Not many days now, I am so excited.I loved that the day was spiritual and relaxed with deep, moving ceremony especially to start.The first drumming resonated with my soul and moved me to tears. It is amazing that I now have my own drum and fabulous that you are organising a drum circle and workshop to follow on with. The whole day was gorgeous physically and timely spacious. It was lovely to have a snooze in the yurt with plenty of yummy food to share. Your and Jono's expertise and physical strength in the final stages of tying the drum were invaluable, I could not have done it on my own. I would recommend drum birthing to everyone. It is not just a practical workshop but a deep awakening of tribal resonance.

Drum making is a prayer. We smudge the hide, the hoop and ourselves.
We thank the animal and tree for providing their hoop and hide for the drum.
We thank the Goddess, and the masculine principles for the breath of life. We offer prayers to
the spirit of the animal, thanking it for its life and the gift of a drum for the healing of the planet.
To breathe while making a drum is to be in prayer. Focus on your heart and breath, a continuous
flow of the air, in and out without holding. These drums are one continuous flow of lacing,
weaving in and out. Make your drum in a heart space and connected with spirit. The prayers we put in the drum, are
the gratitude and blessings for the opportunity to create the sacred tool.
Drum making is a mystery each drum is different, as is each tree, each animal and the one who
will use it.

To be Human
is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
What urgency calls you to your one love?
What shape awaits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?

(David Whyte)