Working with your drum workshop

With full reverence and respect for your own intuition and wisdom, I offer a follow-up day for those keen to work more with drumming and find out more about the basic principles of Shamanic practice.

The structure will be part teaching, part sharing in circle. It will flow with the interest and experiences of the group. I recognise that we are all teachers and students, and that these topics are life time studies in themselves.

A full reading list and suggestions for self practice will form part of the workshop, giving you ideas on how to explore further beyond the time of our gathering.

Working with your drum
The day will explore the essence of the following themes - 

- An opportunity to deepen our understanding of the drum and how to work with it for the healing of ourselves, our community and our planet.

- Learning about the shamanic world view, its timeless wisdom and relevance to our lives.

- What is the essence of ceremony? Exploring the creation of ceremony for self and developing skills to midwife ourselves and others.

- Accessing inner wisdom, guides and power animals through drumming.

- The science of how drumming influences our brains.

- Facilitating shamanic journeys for ourselves and learning how to hold that space for others.

- To understand and work with the lunar cycle. Connecting the potential of the shamanic journey with the wisdom of the cycles, lunar, seasonal, life phase and menstrual (this has wisdom in it for men also).

- History and herstory of the drum.

- Develop and deepen personal awareness of our own stories. Explore tools to work with what comes up emotionally and psychologically for ourselves and others we may work with.

£60 per day, vegetarian lunch included. Please see the events page for forthcoming dates. You can book with me here.
To be Human
is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
What urgency calls you to your one love?
What shape awaits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?

(David Whyte)